European Car Repair: Common Problems & How We Help

European Car Repair: Common Problems & How We Help


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There is no doubt that European cars look amazing on the open road. However, getting them serviced can come with unique challenges that other car owners may not face. Let's explore some of the primary issues people encounter when looking for European car repair and the solutions behind each one. This way, you can drive the vehicle of your dreams without anything standing in your way!

Lack of Technician Experience

Foreign vehicles, especially luxury ones, are often highly complex and contain intricate parts not typically found in American or Japanese models. While many technicians can service common vehicles, European car repair often requires a sophisticated touch and brand-specific education.

Unfortunately, not every service shop has the expertise to address concerns unique to European vehicles. As a result, they may turn you away, or a mechanic could unknowingly worsen the problem. We understand that this is a common problem many European car owners face, and we at SimplyEuro empathize with their frustration.

Our technicians have earned a reputation for excellence and are experts in servicing European vehicles. We even have the world's #1 Audi technician on our team! Additionally, our mechanics have earned numerous certifications to ensure your vehicle is in capable hands. 

Access to Proper Parts & Equipment

Not only are the components within a European vehicle complex, but many service shops struggle to access the necessary equipment to repair them properly. As a result, even experienced technicians who can fix your car may not have the resources to complete the job promptly. This can leave owners without transportation, relying on rental cars or public transit for longer than they may desire. 

At SimplyEuro, we have state-of-the-art facilities and provide our technicians with the necessary tools to service a wide range of European vehicles. If we don't have the parts on hand, we will ensure you remain comfortable and supported while you wait. We offer loaner vehicles and shuttle services for those who can't stay in person or if the service will take a few days. This way, you don't have to put your responsibilities on hold while we repair your car.

Upcharging for Experience 

European vehicles are a significant investment. Therefore, many car owners feel relieved when they drop off their vehicles for service at a professional shop where skilled technicians can address any issues with expertise. However, it’s not uncommon for shops to recognize the vehicle’s complexity and upcharge as a result. 

Not only do we have some of the best technicians in the nation at SimplyEuro, but we also prioritize fair, transparent pricing. In fact, we will even beat or match any estimate provided by local shops! Our team also ranks our service recommendations based on priority and will never begin fixing anything without your approval. That way, you can rest assured knowing no hidden fees are coming your way. 

Inefficient Dealership Service Support

Many owners rely on dealerships when something goes wrong with their European vehicle. This occurrence is due to their perceived value since many people assume they have the best-in-class technicians and offer the most reliable support. However, this isn’t always the case. 

Often, typical dealers have long wait times and are expensive. Plus, there is no guarantee that the technician you are dealing with is a true expert. That’s where going to a European service shop, like SimplyEuro, may be beneficial. Not only can you expect technician excellence, but we can also get you in quicker and provide a more personalized and enjoyable experience. 

How to Avoid Extensive Repairs

We take pride in alleviating many of the common issues associated with Euro car services. However, we understand that avoiding extensive repairs is always the preferred option. Though sometimes big jobs are unavoidable, there are a few preventative measures you can take to care for your car's well-being.

It’s essential to remember that routine maintenance is key to keeping your vehicle in excellent condition. Simple, quick services like oil changes, fluid refills, and tire rotations can go a long way in avoiding major issues down the road.

Feel free to stop by SimplyEuro if you think your car is due for routine maintenance. It's completely free of charge if you'd like us to take a look. However, allowing us to do so will allow us to catch issues early and ensure you don't have to worry about extensive repairs as frequently.

Service your Vehicle at SimplyEuro

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